The coronation of “debate on the ideals based on the constitution”

The “Community Party's President of the Counterpart of the National Diet of the U.S. Communist, the President of the Communist Party, said that the conflict between the sovereignty and the separation of political religion I showed the idea that we should discuss the ideal way based on the constitution.

The “Imperial Religion Ceremony” was the central ritual of the “Imperial Religion” performed as a national act, and the Emperor visited the emperor at the Imperial Palace and Palace on the 22nd.

About this, the chairman of the Communist Party, Mr. Grain of the National Diet, said at the press conference, `` It was based on the way under the Meiji Constitution, such as the use of `` Takamaza '', and it is in conflict with the sovereign citizens of the current constitution and the principle of separation of religion Not. "

On top of that, Mr. Ueda said, “I felt that there was a need for discussions on what should be based on the constitution.