Chinese orphans visiting Beijing Senior Chinese officials expecting exchanges with the second generation on Oct. 23 at 17:09

A group of Chinese orphans living in Japan now visits Beijing in the 70th year of the founding of China, and high-ranking Chinese officials who have met will continue to have friendship between Japan and China. He expressed his expectation to be in charge of interaction.

There were more than 30 people who visited China, including the “Chinese Returnees / Japan-China Friendship Association” made by Chinese remaining orphans living in Japan and their families. We met with Liu Qianqiao, Vice President of the National Political Commerce Conference.

Mr. Sumie Ikeda (75), the representative of the delegation, said, “When we returned from China to Japan and did not become familiar with Japanese society, China supported us. We are Japanese. But I will never forget my gratitude to China. "

On the other hand, Vice President Liu welcomed the visit to China and expressed his expectation that the second generation would be responsible for exchange between the two countries in the future, along with the remaining orphans, so that Japan-China friendship could continue.

After the visit, Mr. Ryusuke Ono, a second-generation orphan, said, “We felt a heavy responsibility as the remaining orphans are aging. We want to succeed our generations in the future.” It was.

The group plans to stay in Beijing until the 26th of this month and will interact with Chinese students during the period.