According to the investigation, the 20-year-old man was threatened by the criminal network Black Ax. Black Ax is based in Nigeria, but is also located in Sicily, Italy. It was from there that the man was forced to fly to Sweden with 70 capsules of heroin and cocaine that he swallowed.

He has said that the organization threatened to kill his mother in his native Nigeria if he did not carry out the smuggling mission. A threat he took seriously because his father was killed when he previously refused to join Black Ax.

Over half a kilo

On September 3, he was taken into custody at Arlanda with 575 grams of heroin and 96 grams of cocaine in his body. In terms of the drug and its amount, the offense represents a penalty of five years.

The Eighth District Court considers that the man was in an emergency. At the same time, it is believed that he could have, for example, alerted personnel on the aircraft or customs. He is therefore not acquitted of the crime but sentenced to two years in prison for serious drug smuggling.

Two members of the court felt that the man should have received a more severe sentence, three years and six months.