A couple had a difficult situation because of an unexpected object from a carrier.

On the 16th local time, foreign media including the British metro introduced the story of Nick and the Boylay couple living on the Isle of Man.

The couple recently planned a trip to New York for their husband Nick's 40th birthday. They meticulously packed an extra empty carrier for their gifts on the return day.

On the day of their trip, the couple went to the airport office under restraint by security staff. It was because a suspicious object was found in an empty carrier that the couple brought.

The couple, nervous about unexpected situations, was surprised to see an object from the carrier after a while. Candy, one of the three cats they raised, was hiding. Nick said, "I really like candy in the box," he said. "I couldn't imagine hiding it in the carrier."

“Fortunately, thanks to the consideration of the airport, we were able to leave for New York safely,” said Candy.

The netizens who met the story were "cats wanted to go to New York", "can't hate them", "was the carrier cozy?" Reaction of the back.

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(Photo: Facebook Nick Coole)