JP Morgan, the largest global investment bank in the U.S., has been attracting attention by starting recruitment of confectionery.

On Monday, foreign media including CNN in the United States say JP Morgan plans to remove items from the resume asking for the criminal history of job applicants and increase recruitment. He also said he would invest approximately $ 7 billion in consular support programs in cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Nashville.

JP Morgan's decision stems from the problem that while the United States has reached its lowest unemployment rate in half a century, there is still limited employment opportunities for confectioners. According to the US Labor Department's employment trends, the unemployment rate for September was 3.6%, the lowest level since December 1969.

JP Morgan estimates that the unemployment of those with criminal records causes the United States to lose between $ 78 billion and $ 87 billion in annual gross domestic product (GDP) between $ 91,450 billion and $ 102.75 billion. I did. JP Morgan reportedly hired 2,100 past contributors last year, about 10% of the total employment.

They had a variety of crimes, including the prosecution, drug possession, and drug use. However, former bank robbers still have limited access to JP Morgan.

Jamie Daiman, Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan, explains why it is bad for both society and business if someone can't even get a chance to compete to find a job.

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(Photo: JP Morgan's Instagram Capture)