The story of children and animals neglected in a terrible environment is shocking.

Foreign officials, including the New York Post, reported on Wednesday that a Florida police officer had seen a terrible sight while on a home visit to check welfare.

In the house in question, three girls aged eight, nine and ten lived with as many as 245 animals. The whole house was full of garbage and dirt.
There were 14 animals found at home, including dogs, mice, lizards, and rabbits. Most animals had symptoms of dehydration, and one guinea pig was already dead.

The police said, "The house was covered with rubbish and animal droppings, so there was no room for footsteps." The guardian left the children and animals in the worst environment. The police later arrested a woman living with her parents for accusations of child abuse and animal abuse. As detailed investigations continue, rescued children and animals were reported to have been moved to neighboring relatives' homes and animal shelters, respectively.

The netizens, who have heard the story, are giving their help such as "sending donations to animal shelter," "I will adopt the puppy in the photo," and "I want to send toys for the children."

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(Photo = Facebook City Of Edgewater Police Department)