The world's first hair bank, which can store hair before hair loss comes to the fore, opens the door.

Foreign officials, including British Daily Mail, said Monday, the world's first hair bank, Hairclone, to store hair samples for hair loss, opened in Manchester.

Hair Clone takes over 100 strands of hair including hair roots from customers and rapidly freezes them below freezing below 180 degrees. Like a sperm bank, you receive a certain amount and store your hair using special refrigeration technology.

If the client is suffering from hair loss, they can thaw the stored hair, extract the dermal papilla cells from the hair root, multiply them, and inject them into the scalp.

The cost of storage is known to be 2,500 pounds for the initial storage, about 3.8 million won in our money, and an additional 100 pounds per year.

"The ultimate goal of our bank is to cure hair loss completely," said Dr. Besam Pajo, head of hair cloning and medical transplantation. .

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(Photo = Capture Daily Mail Homepage)