A unique blend of art and technology innovation Dubai Police's Hamaya International Center has used an innovative approach to stimulate the talent of university students, institutes and police scholars to innovate through the “Protecting Videos” competition under the supervision of “Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award”. , By making a six-second video clip on four main themes: the abuse of psychiatric drugs, the role of the family in the prevention of drugs, how to avoid blackmail and cure bullying, and the prevention of Internet addiction.

The center announced the start of the reception of participants during the period from 1 to 15 December next on the website of the International Center for Protection, the results will be announced early next February 2020, said the Acting Director of Drug Control Department in Dubai Police that the race is an opportunity to uncover new talent and consolidate strategy Dubai Police is community-based in its various initiatives.

Watch the video:

new Horizons
In the light of the increasing national interest in building a generation capable of employing innovative and creative ideas for the benefit of mankind, the protection of the clip gives a strong impetus towards activating the role of youth in the face of drug addiction, the Internet and cyber bullying, and to involve them in an early age in Thinking to create solutions that contribute to overcoming the challenges facing the world due to addiction to “poisons”,

Al Khayyat said during a press conference yesterday: The UAE adopts a future vision based on the use of advanced technology to face the rapid changes and challenges involved, and addiction is a cancer that kills young people and communities. Pioneering in the process of spreading knowledge and innovation, sharing experiences, experiences and ideas, as well as opening new horizons for young people to contribute effectively to the development of security awareness, in line with the ambitious vision in raising the level of leadership efforts. For Dubai Police worldwide.

He added that the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, has requested that Hamaya Kulayb be a qualitative leap in opening direct channels of communication with young people, and taking advantage of their technical and technical talents to communicate their voices, suggestions and observations and adapt their promising potentials to serve the vision The mission of Hamaya International Center is to enhance security and protect society from all forms of legal violations and crimes. Hamaya Clip aims at launching and investing the artistic creations of university students by providing awareness and preventive materials that suit the actual needs of the society Social and technical, which has become integrated into Developments in security awareness messages to the community-oriented institutions should be required to participate and cooperate everyone in the industry.

«Protect Media»
He pointed out that the Center launched simultaneously «Protection Media» Award to intensify the efforts of the media and influencers to spread awareness of creativity and large-scale, through competition in five categories: the best press coverage in Arabic, the best press coverage in English, and the best coverage on the media Social media, the best TV report, the best influential interaction on social media.

Hubs «Protection Clip»
On the axes of «Protection Clip» Director of Community Relations Department in Dubai Police Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Khalifa bin Sobeih Al Suwaidi: The first axis deals with the prevention of abuse of psychiatric drugs, which has recently become a major challenge, being one of the most causes of drug abuse and addiction, pointing to This problem has become more complex in light of the growing number of psychotropic drugs that some people have dealt with easily and indifferently. The second axis deals with the role of the family in drug prevention, and here it is necessary to focus on the importance of the role of the family in protecting their children and protecting them from the danger of the pill. S whether at work on her deportation, or in the pursuit of their request for treatment by the competent authorities, and therefore the State has provided for Article 43 of the Drugs Act 2016 as a legal basis in support of the family.

While the third axis deals with the prevention of extortion and cyberbullying, despite the advantages of the Internet and social media, but have negative effects represented in the practice of extortion and electronic harassment, and here must focus on the protection of children and secure their electronic accounts, and the fourth axis focuses on prevention Internet addiction, which has been registered by health and mental health institutions as one of the new mental illnesses that must be protected from community members, where figures and statistics indicate an increase in the number of hours of Internet use, which may expose individuals to falling In this problem.

Terms and Conditions
Regarding the general terms and conditions of the competition, Aisha Al Muhairi, a member of the jury of the “Protection Clip” Award, said that the applicant must be a student at one of the universities, institutes or colleges in the UAE, or citizens who are abroad. Available on the Internet or any other archival work, and all entries must be original works made specifically for «Protect Clip». The Prize is not responsible for non-original, copyright infringing, and any musical or intellectual rights and will be disqualified if discovered.

Al Muhairi added that the applicant must obtain full approvals from the team involved in the clip, pictures, advertising poster and any accompanying material. The “Protect Clip” award will not bear any consequences, claims or complaints after the publication and promotion of the clips. In advance, on any TV station, social media platform or YouTube, HamayaClip will retain the rights to display, publish and promote the winning videos and their information in any way they see.

Al-Muhairi said about the technical requirement: the clip must be (60 seconds), and must be in non-English or Arabic clips written translation into English