US Vice President Emphasizes the Trump administration's performance in the state that holds the key to the presidential election October 22 10:15

US Vice President Pence spoke on 21st in one of the key states of next year's presidential election, Eastern Pennsylvania, highlighting the Trump administration's track record of strong economic conditions and significantly improved employment.

Vice President Pence gave a speech in front of manufacturing executives in eastern Pennsylvania on the afternoon of 21st (early morning of 22nd Japan time).

Vice President Pence pointed out that the economy was doing well and said, “We do n’t need a magic wand. President Trump should be in the White House. He just emphasized the track record of the Trump administration, insisting that the number of manufacturing jobs increased by about 2,000 alone.

On top of that, he claimed that when Mr. Biden was a vice president, employment in the manufacturing industry in the state was decreasing, and accused the former candidate of the opposition and the Democratic Party of the presidential election, former vice president Biden.

Pennsylvania is located in one of the areas called the last belt of rusty industrial areas with many workers, and is one of the key states for next year's presidential election.

Vice President Pence is scheduled to give a speech in Wisconsin, a corner of the same last belt on the 23rd, and is working with President Trump on activities for the presidential election.

The Trump administration was also considering the participation of Vice President Pence in a ceremony in which the Emperor declares his throne in and out, but the US Secretary Chao will attend.