• Preparations: The Kings approach Cuba
  • Felipe VI. The King has traveled to 25 countries and has Cuba as a great pending visit

The historic official visit of the Kings to Cuba has become a real mess. First because the trip has already been truncated on two previous occasions. Second, because the first to step on Havana was Pedro Sánchez, who put it as a destination on his world tour as soon as he landed in Moncloa after the motion of censure. And thirdly, because the preparation of the trip is full of contradictions, mistrust and suspicion. The Government has, in any case, decided that the trip of the Kings - who were yesterday in Japan, at the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Naruhito - takes place in the week following the general elections of November 10.

The visit, in principle, is planned for the week of November 11 to 15, as part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana . Only hours after a general election, in full political blockade, in full political vacuum, with the scaffolding of a future Government without placing and, although unlikely, with the possibility that someone other than the one who has decided the trip can win.

Between November 11 and 14, diplomatic sources limited Efe yesterday. However, neither from the Foreign Ministry nor from the King's House there was official confirmation. Everyone knows that it will be so, but nobody confirms, consciously, surely, that everything is susceptible to variation.

"The minister [Borrell] announced that the Kings' trip to Cuba would take place just after the general elections of November 10. However, the exact dates have not yet been confirmed, which will be done in due time. Therefore , it is not yet known that the exact days of the visit have been agreed, "they settled from Foreign Affairs. "If the minister says it ... it should be worth it," they reflected in Zarzuela.

In the official visit to Cuba there have been differences of opinion. The sources consulted explain that one thing is the wishes of the diplomats, other confirmations and interests of the Government, and then the King's House, which "is what the Executive decides." As a backdrop, the public differences within the Executive regarding the trip. Borrell has been the main supporter of the visit. The last time he endorsed it was a week ago, precisely in Havana, on the occasion of political consultations with that country. However, at the reception at the Royal Palace , on October 12, Pedro Sánchez avoided confirming the trip due to the coincidence with the electoral repetition.

Fidel Castro talks with King Juan Carlos I and José María Aznar, during the closing session of the IX Ibero-American Summit in Havana, in 1999.BERNARDO RODRIGUEZ.

The trip of the Kings is complex and risky. It generates concerns. First, because I don't know the evidence that they legitimize a communist regime. Second, because of the image that translates the fact that they leave Spain for a week in full electoral mystery. Third, because of the opposition to the year 2016, when due to the political blockade and the electoral repetition trips were suspended - United Kingdom, Arabia , Japan , South Korea ...- instead of imposing them.

Also, in Zarzuela they were clear that, despite being at the disposal of the Government, they would not accept the presence of the Kings on November 16, the big day of the commemoration, in order to avoid a photo with leaders like Nicolás Maduro.

Cuba is the only Ibero-American country in which Felipe VI has not been, and his father, Don Juan Carlos, was only once, but on the occasion of the Ibero-American summit of 1999. It will be the first state visit of the kings of Spain To Cuba.

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