North Korean Kim Chairman's Aide During the Stagnation of the US-North Korea Consultation Appeals at an International Conference or October 22 17:12

Soon after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Korean Labor Party, a standing chairman of the Supreme People's Congress, Choi Lyeong-hee, confirmed at the airport in Beijing, China Attending an international conference will appeal to each country for its legitimacy.

North Korea ’s Chairman of the Supreme People ’s Conference, Choi Ryung-hee, is the aide of Chairman Kim Jong-eun, who serves as the head of the Korean Political Army ’s General Political Bureau and now serves as the first vice-chairman of the State Committee, which heads the state organization. is.

Chairman Choi arrived in Beijing by air from Pyongyang before noon on the 22nd and was confirmed at the airport.
Chairman Choi left the airport from a dedicated exit for the clerk, headed for Beijing, and entered the North Korean embassy under strict security.

Chairman Choi will attend the summit of non-alliance countries to be held in Azerbaijan on the Caspian coast on the 25th and 26th of this month. It seems to appeal the legitimacy of the position.

On the other hand, the United States showed the idea of ​​resuming the consultation during this week after the US-North Korea practitioner talks this month, but the North has been looking for US concessions, and the outlook is standing It is not expected.