The decision made means that there must be at least four daycare centers in the same area in order to be able to cover for example illness. Last week, the daycare providers in the municipality had a union meeting with the Municipal where most wanted to tear down the current collective agreement. Right now the Ombudsmen in the Municipalities are looking over the request.

- The advantage of terminating the agreement would be, among other things, to look at the possibilities of conducting the business outside the home in external premises and also to improve the rules around working overtime, says Magnus Öhman, corporate representative at the Municipal.

Appealed against the municipality's decision

About three weeks ago, several daycare providers within the municipality were told that their activities would cease. Kristina Johansson in Innertavle has worked for 29 years as a daycare provider and is one of the affected:

- I was with my colleague in Yttertavle and we sat with all the children when we were told that we should be moved around February / March. We weren't prepared for it at all, she says.

SVT has talked to daycare providers in the municipality and took part in an investigation that was the basis for the decision, which states which family day care centers are removed. But Moa Brydsten, chair of the board and primary school board, says they have not made any decisions about individual activities.

- There are several things you need to look at. This is also changing, can you recruit more daycare providers? Can the geographical areas look any different? We have not made any decision about individual daycare centers or activities, but we want to see that this activity has a direction as we have decided politically.

Hear Kristina Johansson about the situation and how the communication was in the clip above.