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For several weeks, localities in Bam province in north-central have been targeted by groups of armed men. The most recent one killed nine people last Sunday. Several villages have seen their population take refuge in Kongoussi, a hundred kilometers from Ouagadougou. The armed groups seem to have decided to focus on this city, a buffer zone between the capital and the north-central region, scene of many attacks.

During the Zura attack, the attackers wore military uniforms and hoods according to witnesses. They arrived shortly before curfew, prohibiting the movement of two-wheeled vehicles or tricycles in the region.

For several weeks, armed groups are increasing attacks in this part of the country, located a hundred kilometers from the capital. " The terrorists seek by all means to control the Sahel, the north and north-central from where these attacks around Kongoussi, " according to a security source. " It's a buffer zone between Ouagadougou and the north-central region . And the objective of these armed groups is to clear a way through this lock in order to carry out attacks on the capital ", explains our interlocutor, an officer of the armed forces.

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According to other sources, these attacks are intended to prevent the Burkinabè defense and security forces from moving towards the Sahel region. " They absolutely do not want the communities around Kongoussi to be rear bases for the armed forces to take over the situation in the Sahel and other regions, " said political analyst Siaka Coulibaly.

Faced with the situation, arrangements are made. " When it comes to terrorism, we take all threats seriously. Nothing is minimized, "says a security source.

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