While Emmanuel Macron is visiting Mayotte, especially to discuss the migratory crisis in this territory, Europe 1 has visited the hospital center of the island, where staff find themselves on the front line facing illegal immigrants who hope benefit from the French healthcare system.


Emmanuel Macron is expected Tuesday night in Mayotte. The President of the Republic goes to the island of the Indian Ocean for the first time since his election, and intends to make this trip a showcase of its migration policy by showing its firmness vis-à-vis immigration particularly Comoros. The island of Mayotte knows an explosive situation, faced with many illegal immigrants, most attracted by the French health system. In Mamoudzou, the only hospital on the island is thus on the front line.

Every day, on the ground floor of the Mayotte Hospital Center, 300 patients come to the emergency room. At 70%, they are foreigners, not affiliated, that is to say without papers. "They come out of their country to come here, for the most part they are Comorians, everyone comes to us because everyone knows the situation of Mayotte", explains to Europe 1 Delphine Bauchot, health manager in this establishment.

At the Mamoudzou CHM, some 300 patients come to the emergency room every day. © Jean-Rémi Baudot for Europe 1

"In the block, we do the tricks"

On the second floor of the building, the Maternity Hospital in Mayotte became the first in Europe with 30 births per day. "In the Comoros, if we do not have the money, we are not treated, here it's free, I have no choice," says a Comorian woman who has just given birth in Mayotte to her fourth child . Above all, the migratory pressure is coupled with a lack of means if one believes the staff.

On the third floor, a nurse from the block lets out his anger by thinking back to this young diabetic patient, recently amputated, for lack of adequate care. "We have so many people that we do not have enough equipment, we just do the stuff in the block, I'm not going to get treatment here, if we had as many resources as in France, nobody will not be amputated, "he reports. The CHM Mamoudzou remains a hospital under tension, but Emmanuel Macron has not planned to visit.