An international fast food chain has decided to use artificial intelligence to make pizza that perfectly matches expectations. A great tool to spy on pizza-makers.

Decidedly, pizza is the perfect guinea pig for new technologies, you told us about a 3D printer capable of making margarita, today it is the artificial intelligence that notes the pizza of tomorrow.

Finished slices of chorizo ​​shipped with a hand a little too relaxed over the dough, no more to see the cheese make small piles in places and disappear elsewhere. The robot aims for zero defect in this international chain of fast food, for the moment only in pizzerias of Australia and New Zealand. Placed above the pizza at the time of its manufacture, thanks to the artificial intelligence embedded in sensors, the "pizza checker", scans the Regina or the Diavola. Objective: to release a nickel pizza, conforming to the standards established by the brand.

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And the non-compliant pizzas are flunked?

Exactly: too much mozzarella, not enough mushrooms, a forgotten olive or cheese spread out anyhow ... and hop, a warning message is sent to the pizzaiolo who must review his copy, until the perfect pizza finally sort from the oven. The customer is even entitled to a photo of the completed work ready to feed the social networks.

Your story is a little "Minority report" among the Neapolitans but it is at the same time "Big Brother"?

Well seen ! The robot, sticking artificial intelligence on the head of the pizza maker, he also spies it. So it smacks of copying to the point of establishing a record in the staff. But in the realm of pizza, is perfection a guarantee of good taste? No ! What we like is a blistered dough, dripping tomato and anchovies that make knots. Go, I bet you a calzone in Italy, where the pizzaïolo is both a god and an artist, their robot, he will make an oven!