• The Synod on the Amazon: the response of Pope Francis in defense of the most vulnerable
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October 21, 2019A wooden statue depicting a pregnant woman ("pachamama" symbolizing the mother earth, ed) brought by the natives participating in these days to the Synod for the Amazon, was stolen from the church of Santa Maria Traspontina, in via della Conciliation in Rome, and thrown into the Tiber.

The raid at dawn, during a moment of prayer, were some ultra-conservative activists opposed to the presence of what they consider a pagan symbol: the operation was posted on social networks, including the launch in the river.

The "pachamama" was first exhibited during the ceremony held in the Vatican Gardens on 4 October last, in the presence of Pope Francis at the beginning of the Synod.

In these days, during the briefings, Ruffini had already spoken about the controversy of the statuette. "I think it trivially represents life but this is my thought because Paolo Ruffini is not a Prefect of Communication. We know that some things in history can have so many interpretations, even in churches you can find things that come from the past. See symbols of paganism it is seeing evil where there is no evil ".