Paris (AFP)

"The account is not" as regards the remuneration of farmers, said Monday the Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume during a review of the Food law, which was to rebalance the commercial relations between producers, manufacturers and distributors .

"It is no longer possible for farmers to be remunerated at a lower price than they deserve," said Guillaume at a press conference after the Council of Ministers.

"When a milk producer sells a liter of milk at 33-34 cents, the construction of the price of the liter of milk makes it 39 cents in the contract sector, it is found at one euro in the GMS (the supermarkets, ed), the account is not there, "he explained.

"It is absolutely necessary that everyone plays the game, maybe the production costs in some sectors have arrived a little late, (...) now they are there, everyone knows what to do, so for those who will not play the game, it will harden things, harden them politically, "he said.

Secretary of State for the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, for her part recalled that the authorities controlled the application of the resale threshold (SRP) and the limitation of promotions: "The DGCCRF will carry out 6,000 checks from here the end of the year, it is around 3,500 today ".

In addition, the Secretary of State assured that the PRS had caused a price increase of 0.3% for consumers "contrary to what we read here or there".

Thanks to this 0.3% price increase, "you actually have value that has been given back especially to processed fresh products, milk and some semi-gross product lines", though, "of course, it's not enough, "she admitted.

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