Abandoned the Prime Minister of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, known for his hard-working attitude toward Iran and others, has been working on coalition negotiations aiming to continue the election after last month's election. Standing.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has established a close relationship with President Trump in the United States, and continues to take a strong stance such as repeated cross-border attacks on Iran stationed in neighboring Syria.

As a result of the general election held last month, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been proceeding with coalition negotiations with each party aiming for continued investment.

Prime Minister Netanyahu may have been prosecuted for bribery, etc. even during his own corruption cases, and was in a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Office of Israel has issued a statement, revealing the prospect of requesting the cabinet to Gantz, who heads the largest opposition party, “Blue and White,” who gathers the most support in the parliament after Prime Minister Netanyahu. .

In the future, if Gantz can conclude a coalition negotiation with each party within the time limit of about one month, it will be the first government change in Israel in 10 years. It ’s a difficult situation.

In the midst of political turmoil, several local media have reported that if Gantz fails to form a cabinet, the third parliamentary general election is likely to be held in the past year.