Just under a week ago, a clip was released on Youtube showing a taxi driving faster than allowed and not stopping too red. The clip has been viewed about 150,000 times on Youtube and in the comments field people are raving about how the driver is driving. But the taxi company Stockholm completely distances itself from the clip.

- The person who has the account where the movie clip is shown is not among our employees or owners and the car he drives also has no connection to Taxi Stockholm, says Natalia Santos, press officer at Taxi Stockholm.

"We can see that this is hurting our brand and we are now thinking about how we will proceed and whether we should report the police," she says.

The man behind the YouTube account

When SVT contacts Henrik Jensen who is the man behind the Youtube account, he insists that the film is authentic and that the car is driven by Taxi Stockholm.

- I have signed an agreement so I can't say much about who was involved in the recording, says Henrik Jensen.