• ECB, go-ahead from the European Parliament to Lagarde President
  • Lagarde: "I want the ECB more inclusive. Still risks to the economy"
  • IMF, Lagarde: global economy in a delicate phase, reforms are imperative


October 21, 2019 "I was educated as a citizen of the world. And I think the United States risks losing their world leadership. And this would be terrible." This was said by Christine Lagarde, the woman who will become president of the ECB in place of Mario Draghi, interviewed on Sunday evening at the '60 Minutes' broadcast on November 1st.

Lagarde then warned President Donald Trump to be careful not to push the Federal Reserve too far: "When the unemployment rate is at 3.7% he said - you should not accelerate too much on interest rates by lowering them. Why do you run the risk that prices start to rise. You have to be very careful.

"The stability of the markets - added Lagarde, always turning to Trump - should not be the subject of a tweet here or a tweet there. It requires considered, thoughtful, silent, measured and rational decisions". The White House has not commented on these words. Lagarde then asked political leaders to work to end the trade war between the United States and China, which is severely affecting the global economy. "These cuts cost us almost a percentage point of growth, which means less investment, fewer jobs, more unemployment, reduced growth." Lagarde then said that the UK's attempt to leave the European Union caused it a "great sadness".