• He raids the shop, kills his wife and injures his son: arrested in the Palermo area
  • Violence, threats and abuse on his wife and 12-year-old son: arrested in Catania
  • He beats his wife and gives the 4-year-old's knife to hit her. Arrested
  • He attacks his wife and child, both dying


October 21, 2019A put an end to years of physical and moral harassment of insulted and threatened wife, hit with fists, slaps and kicks even at night to prevent her from falling asleep, forced to undergo sexual acts, her 12-year-old son thought that at the last episode of violence towards her mother, she called the Carabinieri, ending her 40-year-old father in custody on charges of family abuse, aggravated personal injury and sexual violence.

The facts - which occurred in Lower Reggiana - date back to last August when the boy called 112 asking for help for his mother who had been beaten by her father. Once the investigations started, the Novellara military shed light on a reality that had been going on for years. Since 2013 - according to findings - the man has subjected his wife to continuous physical and moral harassment. The last episode at the end of August saw her husband attacking his wife and forced her to undergo complete sexual acts before her minor children.

Physical and moral grievances also against his 12-year-old son forced to witness the beatings suffered by his mother and subjected himself to violence that saw him also threatened with an ax. Reports that her mother - a 35-year-old housewife - never complained about. Fear won instead by the son who found the courage to call the Carabinieri who carried out the arrest of the man, taken to prison, after obtaining a restrictive measure of a precautionary nature from the magistrate of the Court of Reggio Emilia.