• Salvini: "We people against the elite. We will change the history of Italy"
  • Center-right in the square. Salvini: "It won't be an afternoon of anger. Here, Italy is working"
  • Salvini, Casapound at the event? "Square open to all Italians of good will"
  • Salvini: "Grillo wants to remove the vote of old people? From hospitalization" Irony of Conte: let's take a survey


21 October 2019The "silence" of Mattarella, the differences of opinion between Pd and Movement 5 stars, the maneuver that does not take off, were the arguments that this morning Matteo Salvini, leader of the League and the center-right, made sure to get to journalists met on the street, in Piazza Montecitorio. A series of trips that are then bounced on the media.

Mattarella's silence
"I wonder how long the Quirinal silence will last". The reference to the President of the Republic was made by Salvini at the end of a reflection on the economic maneuver: "As a League we are preparing to limit their damage, to propose our economic counter-maneuver that does not include all the taxes they are providing for "We would certainly have dared more and cut more, it is a maneuver that all trade associations are defining as empty"; to then continue the analysis of the disagreements between 5 stars and the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte: "Clash M5S-Conte? Italians are involved", so, "if you jump you go to elections", also because with the 5 stars "we tried, but now I'm a rib of PD".

The replica of the Pd
"After having fled the government for fear of facing the financial maneuver, having promised any and unattainable thing, today Salvini allows himself to attack the president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who, as always, on the basis of the Constitution, continues to guarantee prestige, balance and authoritativeness to our country all over the world. The former Minister of the Interior will stop with the shouts and the invectives in the sign of the propaganda. This was stated in a note by the Democratic deputy Emanuele Fiano, of the presidency of the Group.