Marseille (AFP)

A second indigenous case of Zika virus - contracted in metropolitan France - was reported in Hyères (Var), in the same area as the previous case reported in early October, said Monday the Regional Health Agency of Provence-Alpes-Cote d 'Azure.

These are the only two cases of indigenous viruses observed in metropolitan France, according to the ARS, which adds that the two people are cured.

"In both cases, people began to feel the symptoms in August, and cases were formally declared in early October for the first, and last week for the second," said Samer Aboukais, doctor of the watch and security service. health service, attached by telephone.

The second case was identified following the survey carried out on 10 October by the ARS Paca and Public Health France near the first ill person.

The Zika virus, which affected more than 66,000 people in the West Indies in 2016, is transmitted from person to person through a tiger bite, or sexually.

In the majority of cases, sufferers have no symptoms. But the virus can also trigger fever, body aches, rash and pain behind the eyes according to Mr. Aboukais.

"The disease usually progresses favorably in a few days," he added.

The major risk of Zika is observed in pregnant women, in whom it can cause, in rare cases, neurological damage to the fetus.

The ARS advises pregnant women who have visited the area from 1 July to consult their doctor, even in the absence of symptoms.

The affected neighborhood has also been demoustiqué, adds the ARS, and a public information campaign in the neighborhood.

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