by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 20 October 2019This is the second entrepreneur killed in less than a week in the Dominican Republic.

Nicola Gerosa, a 57-year-old Valtellina entrepreneur, owner of numerous businesses in the seaside town of Boca Chica, was shot to death in the town of the Dominican Republic. Together with him was his Dominican wife, Yenifer Clamont, who remained unharmed. The couple was heading towards one of his shops.

The man, reports the blog of the Italian Community of Santo Domingo, was the victim of an ambush around 10.30 pm last night while passing by his car, a gray Mitsubishi, in Juan Bautista Vicini street. Gerosa's car was flanked by two cars from which fire was fired with a 9-caliber pistol. The attackers, immediately after the murder, escaped and lost their tracks.

The entrepreneur was urgently transferred to the local hospital but the severity of his condition led to his death. The body presented numerous gunshot wounds.

Geroso was the owner of several shops both in Andres and in Boca Chica, a town thirty kilometers from Santo Domingo. He was on his way to the Piano Bar, the shop that ran in the central Via Duarte of the seaside town. The Police, for investigative purposes, stopped the 42-year-old partner of the entrepreneur, also Italian.

The Embassy of Italy in Santo Domingo, in close collaboration with the Foreign Ministry, is closely following the case of Nicola Gerosa, in connection with family members.

Gerosa is the second Italian killed in less than a week in the Dominican Republic.

Two days ago also in Boca Chica there was the killing of a seventy year old Sardinian pensioner, a native of Tissi (Sassari), and residing in Alghero, Piero Testoni. Rea confesses about the heinous crime of her 24-year-old Dominican cohabitant, Arisleida Caraballo de la Cruz, who said she had planned the murder of the man to rob him. The man was found dead in his apartment in Boca Chica with his hands and feet tied. The investigators meanwhile continue the research of the Dominican couple, composed by the sister and brother-in-law of Carballo de la Cruz, complicit in the crime of Piero Testoni.