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20 October 2019The awaited sentence of the Cassation on the process of the Middle World will arrive the day after tomorrow, Tuesday 22 October. It will be the day when the judges of the VI criminal section, chaired by Giorgio Fidelbo, will have to decide if it was really Mafia Capital. After three days of river hearings with the indictment of the three deputy attorneys general Luigi Birritteri, Luigi Orsi and Mariella De Masellis, ended with the request to confirm the convictions of the Appeal and after the arguments of the defenders, the ermines retire to the council chamber directly Tuesday, the day the verdict is expected.

The middle world
The trial revolves around 416bis, the crime of mafia association which fell in the first degree, but recognized in the appeal. Under the supervision of the Supreme Judges there is the position of 32 applicants, among whom 17 are sentenced in various appeals for mafia crimes. A sentence that will come five years after the operation that with two raids, on December 2, 2014 and June 4, 2015, led to the arrest of 37 and 44 people respectively.

Pignatone's investigation
A maxi-investigation in which the Public Prosecutor's Office, then led by Giuseppe Pignatone, claimed that in the last few years a mafia-style association has acted in the capital, '' Roman '' and with its own and original characteristics compared to other mafia organizations '', Able to get its hands, with the complicity of politicians and officials, on public procurement: from reception centers for migrants to nomad camps, from green to waste.

The procedural process
The maxi trial opens on November 5, 2015 and ends 20 months later, on July 20, 2017, with the sentence of first instance: heavy sentences (less than 300 years in total compared to the 500 requested by the prosecution) but without recognition of 416bis, the mafia association. Forty-one sentences and five acquittals: Salvatore Buzzi is sentenced to 19 years while Massimo Carminati is sentenced to 20 years, Luca Gramazio, instead, to 11 years.

The Appeal
Judgment that is reversed on Appeal on 11 September 2018 with the recognition of the mafia of the association for 18 of the 43 defendants. For the former Nar terrorist, Massimo Carminati, and the ras of the Roman coop, Salvatore Buzzi, the penalties in the Appeal are reduced. The two are sentenced to 14 and a half years and 18 years and 4 months respectively. Now the last word is up to the judges of the Supreme Court with the specter for many of the defendants, currently free or under house arrest, even in light of the new rules such as the "brush-cracking" law, to end up in prison if the sentence were to be confirmed even just partly.