• After the murder, the perpetrator throws the knife away. Nearby is also the killer's cap in a newspaper stand. During the attack, the murderer is likely to be shot in the hand and the police have secured a DNA profile.
  • In 2010 , a phantom image was produced based on testimony.
  • In 2011 , hundreds of men born between 1974 and 1989 were contacted with Linköping during the current time.
  • 2012 Police are investing in clearing up older unresolved murder cases, so-called cold cases. The double murder is among the priority cases.
  • 2012 After a tip, the police secure old blood tracks in a stairwell a few hundred meters from the murder site. However, SKL could not get any blood from the tops.
  • 2012 Leif GW Persson, known among other things from SVT's this week's crime, Expressen announces that he himself will pay out SEK 1 million, after tax, to anyone who can reveal who is behind the double murder.
  • Over the years, several men have been suspected of the double murder, but released after DNA analysis.
  • 2011 and 2016 The National Assassination Commission has on several occasions helped to review all material again. The US FBI has helped to go through a perpetrator profile.
  • In 2019 , Week's crime reveals that the police received several hits in the DNA register after a so-called family search.

Source: TT / Police / SVT