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An astonishing statement by the Senegalese delegation to the UN Human Rights Committee. In Geneva, on Monday, state officials discussed the case of Karim Wade, named after the exiled son of former President Abdoulaye Wade and recaled from the presidential election in February. The UN body had asked for a "review" of his six-year prison sentence and a hefty fine that prevented him from running. However, the delegation did not close the door to such a "repair". On Wednesday, the country's foreign ministry denied such comments. Problem: they were well kept.

On Monday, the Senegalese delegation faces questions from the Human Rights Committee at the UN in Geneva. Among other topics mentioned: Karim Wade. The expert and Tunisian jurist Yadh Ben Achour recalls the conclusions of the committee in November: "The conviction and sentence against the author must be reconsidered. My question to you is this: what about the execution of these findings? Where are we ? ".

Response from Moustapha Ka, Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice. According to him, it is too early to know whether the case can be reconsidered. On the other hand, the door seems half open for a rehabilitation of Karim Wade: " Senegal does not refuse to compensate, but provided that the interested can come to present itself so that the competent judges can determine the extent of the damage. We are ready. If the person concerned seizes the competent courts with a view to its reparation, there is no obstacle to this declaration being granted by the State of Senegal ".

Moustapha Ka was not available on Friday, October 18th. On the side of the State, demining operation: in its communiqué, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that " the Senegalese delegation has, in no case and in any form whatsoever, made commitments in the direction of a "rehabilitation" of Karim Wade, or a "reparation" for "prejudice" he allegedly suffered ".

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