While the mobilization of the independentists does not weaken in Catalonia, Manuel Valls, councilor of Barcelona, ​​claims on Europe 1 new elections and a recovery in hand by the central power.


Barcelona experienced a new night of tension in the night from Thursday to Friday, the fourth day of mobilization of Catalan separatists against the condemnation of their leaders by the Spanish justice. Manuel Valls, now city councilor of Barcelona, ​​follows the situation closely. And he has his ideas for getting out of what he calls "a dead end".

"All the opposition, the great constitutionalist formations, right or left, we ask and the resignation of the president of the regional government, which is overtaken by the events, which is always more inflammatory, and the convocation of elections to the Catalan Parliament ", pleaded the former French Prime Minister. "It's the only way out of this situation."

Another request made by Manuel Valls: "We are many to ask that the Spanish government uses an article to regain control over the coordination of security forces," he proceeds. "Here there is a particularly important autonomous police force, which does its work against the protesters, but this is one of the elements we are asking for, is that there is more authority from Madrid on these security issues. "