"We have seen cases of illegal cabotage," says Ingvar Schön, traffic police at Mid Region and continues.

- Last Tuesday we had a driver who had driven 16-17 rides in two weeks, that's too much.

How else did it look on the roads?

- When it comes to speeds, it looks decent and so do driving and rest times. It's a minute here and there and I can accept that.

Similar checks carried out in Gävle have also taken place in other parts of Sweden and in Europe. It is part of the great preventive work on road safety, but also to access companies and drivers who ignore the rules.

"More checks needed"

However, there is no doubt that the checks are needed.

- I think it's great that the police make checks, but it probably needs to be done more often and not just concentrated on a week like now, says professional driver Rickard Fogel.

- There are those who cheat, both if you look at driving and rest times and the international rules. We have become fewer traffic police across the country for many years. It will be difficult for us to catch up, but more checks are needed, says Ingvar Schön.