After twelve hours, 30 men had contacted who they believed were 18-year-old Mia. Several of them were straightforward and wanted sexual services in exchange for money, travel or products. One of them was "Hasse, 50 years".

In long chat messages to Mia he told about his life and was clear that he was looking for something discreet and secret, which could add extra tension to his life. His family did not know that he was looking for a "sugarbabe" and that all contact would be through an extra telephone.

The conversation with sugardaddyn ended abruptly

SVT's reporter called him, but after a while he became suspicious. “Why are you asking so many questions? Are you a police officer? ”

The reporter revealed himself as a journalist at SVT Nyheter Västmanland. The man ended the call immediately and deleted his profile on the sugar dating site.

SVT later tried to reach the man without getting an answer.

In the clip you hear parts of the conversation between "Mia" and sugardaddyn "Hasse".