A water pipe that has been damaged or broken is the cause of the water leak. The municipal street watch has moved out to fight the water.

- It is a water pipe 30 cm in diameter, so it is a larger pipe, says Johan Sjödin, emphasizing that there are large bodies of water that have now leaked.

- If the pipeline is completely off, which we do not know now, then about 70 liters of water per second will leak, it will be a lot of water, says Johan Sjödin.

In conjunction with the repair work, another damage occurred which also affects part of the Roadside Path.

- We want to urge those who drive in the area to be attentive and take it carefully, says Johan Sjödin.

"Blessing in disguise"

He says it was lucky that the leak occurred in the morning when people were out and could detect the water masses.

- We were obviously lucky in the bad luck.

It is unclear how many houses may have been damaged. The municipal housing company Bostaden is in place and inventories of the houses owned by the municipality.

- Homeowners may inventory their houses and contact the insurance company if it is damaged, says Johan Sjödin.

There is no forecast for when the repair work is complete.

- We hope to be ready during the day or early tonight, says Johan Sjödin.