The Civil Guard arrested four people accused of integrating an organized gang last Wednesday night to steal the homes of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid soccer players. The assaults had occurred in the last year in a staggered manner in Madrid and other municipalities in the region such as Boadilla del Monte. They are also attributed more blows committed in Asturias and Castilla-León. According to the first data, they could be involved in 20 assaults on homes , most of them without tenants in the homes at the time they were robbery.

The arrested are three Albanians and a Spaniard, all with multiple backgrounds for robberies in companies of industrial estates and homes. One of those arrested was already involved in the violent robbery suffered by the businessman and humorist José Luis Moreno happened in 2007 in his mansion in Boadilla.

The members of the band were dedicated to steal vehicles in shopping centers on the outskirts of Madrid for use in the misdeeds. For this they manipulated the license plates in order to avoid the follow-up of the agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard.

High-end vehicles and SUVs have also been seized in the raid . It has also seized high-tech material and inhibitors to block GSM and radio bandwidth , and thus disable mobile phones and alarms, which share the same communication network.

The detainees have also been seized private security uniforms that they used to prepare the assaults and try to go unnoticed.

According to the investigators, the thieves entered the house of the players when they played their games. Previously, they had been monitored by homes and the environment in order to know if they had alarms and other security measures. They also planned the places to flee and checked if there were security cameras in the area that could betray them during the escape.

The operation has been developed by agents of the UCO and the Judicial Police group of the Civil Guard Command of Madrid, based in the municipality of Tres Cantos.

Registries in Madrid and Toledo

Last Wednesday night three homes were registered in Madrid and Boadilla del Monte and another in a municipality in Toledo.

Among the homes assaulted by this organization, l devised by Albanian MZ, are the Real Madrid players Isco and Casemiro and the football players of Atlético de Madrid Morata and Thomas Partey. Except for this last athlete, everyone lived in the luxury urbanization of La Moraleja de Alcobendas. They could also be behind the attempted robbery of Zinedine Zidane's house in Pinar de Chamartín.

In one of the records made by the Civil Guard has been found the Champions runner-up medal stolen at the home of the Madrid Atletico player Thomas Partey as well as his passport. They have also recovered about 5,000 euros in cash and jewelry stolen in other villas.

Some of these objects have already been returned to their owners, while other possible victims are summoned in Civil Guard units to identify if among the recovered loot there are items of their property. The exposure of subtracted effects will allow the Armed Institute to know exactly the robberies perpetrated by the disjointed band.

Detainees are charged with the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, theft of inhabited housing, reception of stolen material, theft of vehicles and also documentary falsification.

The operation is still open led by the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard (UCO) and is directed by the court of instruction number 2 of Alcobendas (Madrid).

Investigators are looking for a fifth member of the band , who they suspect has been able to flee to a country outside the European Union, so the court has been requested to issue an international arrest warrant.

In two of the assaults people were found inside the homes, as happened in Morata's house and in the Boadilla chalet of Monte de Partey while he was in Moscow to play a Champions League match that pitted his team against the Lokomotiv.

This robbery occurred just 48 hours after Real Madrid midfielder Carlos Casemiro suffered, which took place on Saturday, September 28, when he played the derby between Real Madrid and Atlético.

As a result of these assaults, the Merengue team had contracted private surveillance in the homes of the players who lived outside the urbanization of La Finca de Pozuelo.

These workers had also denounced the poor conditions in which they carried out their work without being able to use toilets and eating with the soccer players' dogs, according to UGT.

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