Participation in the Parliamentary Parliamentary Party at Yasukuni Shrine

Along with the autumn festival of Yasukuni Shrine, 98 people from the “Meeting of the Diet members who worship at Yasukuni Shrine together”, which was made up of bipartisan parliamentarians, attended.

The “Meeting of Parliament members worshiping at Yasukuni Shrine” every year visits Yasukuni Shrine in Kudan, Tokyo, in conjunction with the annual festivals in spring and autumn and the “End of War Day” on August 15.

On the 18th, 98 members of the House of Representatives, such as the Liberal Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, and the Japan Restoration Association, climbed to the main shrine of Yasukuni Shrine from around 8am and worshiped together.

From the Abe Cabinet, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kato, Foreign Minister Nakatani and Secretary of Defense Iwata visited.

Afterwards, former Liberal Democratic Party Vice-Chairman Owase, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, held a press conference, saying that Prime Minister Abe is not expected to visit in line with this annual festival. In the midst of being there, isn't it the spirit of the spirit that "do that first?"