Foreign law attorney law revision proposal to broaden the scope of activities Cabinet decision October 18 11:12

At the cabinet meeting on the 18th, the government decided on a draft law amendment that broadens the scope of lawyers who can handle legal affairs related to foreign laws in the country.

As the international trade of companies increases, the amendment proposes that “foreign lawyers” who are able to handle legal affairs related to foreign laws in Japan, aim to solve problems with foreign companies regardless of trial. Since the number of "arbitrations" is increasing, international companies will be able to represent international arbitration even when the foreign company is the parent company's domestic company.

Regarding the requirements for becoming a foreign law attorney, in addition to shortening the overseas period from two years to one year out of three years of work experience, a Japanese lawyer and a foreign law attorney will establish a joint corporation. To make it possible.

The government is aiming to establish a revised bill in the current Diet.