There is great zeal around the round table in Uppsala Science park. It is soon time for students at Rosendalsgymnasiet to present their work to a jury. Sebastian Rasmusson and Tula Brunåker Stevens are two of the students in this working group.

This is part of a national venture that goes by the name of Sustainability hackathon and is organized by We_change. Workshops are organized for high school students with the goal of allowing young people to immerse themselves in current sustainability issues. They can then present proposals for solutions directly to local politicians and officials who assess the results. On Thursday, it was Uppsala's turn.

- The competition is secondary. Our main goal is to create a meeting place where young people develop solutions that they can present to our politicians - and not the opposite, as they often are, says Rebecca Bergman, project manager at We_change.

She is convinced that young people's opinions are taken seriously by politicians.

- Absolutely. We have seen examples of how young people's opinions have resulted in clubbed decisions, ”she says.

So what changes are proposed? In the group that Sebastian and Tula participate in, the need for more curators, as well as free leisure activities for young people, is highlighted.

In the clip, they tell more about how they look at the mental health of young people in the county.