In the wake of the announcement of an agreement between the European Union and Boris Johnson, the President of the European Commission has put pressure on British MPs, who must validate the text.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned on Thursday night that the situation would become "extremely complicated" if the British Parliament rejects Saturday the agreement reached for the divorce between the United Kingdom and the EU. "If this is the case, we will find ourselves in an extremely complicated situation," he told reporters after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels.

The 27 gave the green light on Thursday to an agreement on Brexit negotiated in the last minutes before a European summit, but the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to fight to get it accepted by his Parliament.

Unlikely adoption

Uncertainty remains over the outcome of the vote as the Northern Ireland Unionist Party DUP, a key ally of Boris Johnson's Conservative Party with ten elected members of the House of Commons, refuses to support the deal. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party, the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, called on British MPs to "reject" the agreement between London and the European Union.

British MPs will meet on Saturday for an exceptional session. But the positions of the DUP and the Labor Party make the adoption of the text unlikely.

The UK must leave the EU on 31 October. "If a request for a postponement (of the Brexit date) is tabled, I will consult the Member States to see how to react," announced the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. For Jean-Claude Juncker, the agreement found "means that there is no need for any extension". The request for postponement must be made by Boris Johnson.