Sugardating has become increasingly common and the threshold for prostitution is delicate. 2017 saw an explosion of sugar dating sites and since then it has continued to increase. Anna Runesson, who works as a regional co-ordinator against trafficking in human beings and prostitution, believes that there is a great risk of sugar dating.

- You can be exposed to all kinds of abuse. We know that sex buyers have a tendency to be violent, want to buy services that you do not get at home or that you have seen in porn, she says.

Parents need to keep track of young people's internet habits

Being tied down, raped and forced to do things you don't want are just some of the risks of sugar dipping, according to Anna Runesson.

- Parents need to know about the phenomenon and what young people are doing online. If they start coming home with expensive stuff: don't be naive and think they got it from a friend. Check it out - and be quick, says Anna Runesson.

In the clip, Anna Runesson talks about the delicate boundary between what is legal and illegal regarding sugar dating.