At the beginning of October 2015, the Swedes received new banknotes, which were then 20-krone banknotes, 50-krone banknotes, two-hundred-kroner banknotes and thousand-kroner banknotes.

A year later, the new one-hundred and five-hundred-kroner banknotes also became valid, as well as the new one-. two and five crowns. After the introduction of the new banknotes and coins, cash in circulation in society declined, as it has for many years. But in 2018, the Riksbank needed for the first time to put more cash into circulation.

In the clip above you can see SVT try some of the Jönköpingborn coin knowledge.

Direct Report · What do you do about your cash?


33 min16.04

Yes, what should the bank be for ?? Today I was told that Swedbank is closing down its business where I live. They want my money, but at the same time want me to take care of everything myself via the internet. A call to the Swedish government: Look over the entire banking business in Sweden!


33 min16.04

Only using cash is the safest means of payment we have and will remain so. In addition, it is faster to pay.


33 min16.04

We have to learn to see the back of digital payment it is socially dangerous not to use cash that is 100% secure. What do we do when technology has long-standing problems?
So use more cash.

We we

2 tim14.30

Use cash in case of emergency my card.

Ewa B

3 tim13.17

Forgot to say that why do you think cash is not needed ????? After all, the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness distributed a brochure to the WHOLE SWEDISH PEOPLE stating, among other things, that ALL SHOULD HAVE A PREPARATION HAVE 3000 IN CASH, IN WAR OR OTHER CRISIS⚠️ CASH IS KING⚠️ The banks only get richer and richer with all the fees we are forced to pay with all digital systems. What does the bank do between 9 and 16 ??? Nothing!!! Citizen does it all !!! Service is no longer "on the map" anymore !!!

Pernilla Carlsson

3 tim13.17

One more thing: physical money is concrete and good. The Luxury Trap program might have been superfluous if people saw that the money in the wallet started their ??? Other physical assets are gold bullion. Sweden has gold billions of billions for possible crises in the future. The Swedish people have to think a little themselves and not just "turn their head after the wind". It is a dangerous development indeed !!! True my words ⚠️

Pernilla Carlsson

4 tim12.57

I always have access to cash. Have both cards and ID, but what does it help when the crisis comes ?? Without electricity or the Internet, we have no opportunity to pay, so no opportunity to buy anything at all.


4 tim12.57

My company only handles cash. 😁 Haha, just got home from a patisserie where they could only take cash because of the mess with the card terminal. A week ago I was at Apoteket, the same stroller with the terminal there, haha! 🤣 When I pay with money, I often say aloud: so yes, now I direct swish money to you (the clerk). I go fast, I say so other customers hear too. I SAY THIS IS REAL SWISH !!! HAHAHA! ALSO JOIN: IT IS ME AND LEIF GW PERSON WHO LOVES CASH !!!

Pernilla Carlsson

4 tim12.31

I only deal with cash. Do not want to buy with a card, it often happens that it does not work, then you still have to go to an ATM and pick out money. CASH IS KING


4 tim12.27

Uses cash daily and will continue to do so. Also have cards, bank ID etc. but prefer cash.


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