• Elections.The Electoral Board rebukes Celaá for the electoral use of the Council of Ministers
  • 28-A. The Electoral Board will fine the Government if campaigning from the Council of Ministers
  • 28-A. The Government alleges before the Electoral Board: "Press conferences have never polluted the elections"

The Central Electoral Board has had to re-warn the Government of Pedro Sánchez, for the electoral use of the Council of Ministers. This is the second time this month that the body that regulates the electoral periods charges against the Executive for violating the Electoral Law, but this time it raises the alert and indicates that the breach is already serious. And therefore threatens sanctions.

In this way, the electoral body partially estimates a resource of the PP, for the "electoral content" of the press conference after the Council of Ministers on October 11. There, the acting Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, said: «In case any of you at any time have not understood why this lag occurs, I have to say that Mr. Montoro, with nocturnality and joy, in the year 2017, carried out a modification of the VAT information system that led to a lower collection of this tax throughout that year ».

The Board concludes that these statements "violated Article 50.2 of the Electoral Law", as they were "evaluative statements and with clear connotation

electoralist ». This article establishes that “from the call for elections and until the holding of the elections, any act organized or financed, directly or indirectly, by the public authorities that contains allusions to the achievements or achievements obtained, or that uses images or matching or similar expressions to those used in your own campaigns ».

The agency explains that "the repetition of this conduct by several government ministers during this electoral process determines that this Central Electoral Board must warn all its members to refrain from issuing statements that violate the principle of neutrality."

To this end, the Secretary of State for Communication, Miguel Ángel Oliver, is urged to transfer said warning, "which includes the possibility that, in the case of future violations of said provision, a disciplinary proceedings be initiated."

This time, as these were spontaneous responses from the minister to journalists, the Board will not initiate a disciplinary action, but will do so if these breaches are repeated during the campaign.

Aval to Tezanos

In addition, the Electoral Board dismissed the claims of United Podemos, Vox and Citizens against the president of the CIS, José Félix Tezanos, for the publication in the journal Topics of an opinion article in which he asked for the vote for the parties that «today for today they can govern »and, therefore, could have violated the principle of neutrality.

"Although it is advisable that during the electoral periods who presides over an entity like the CIS maintains an attitude of respect for neutrality", the Board emphasizes that the article was published in a private magazine and, therefore, within the exercise of the constitutional right to Freedom of expression

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