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The developments of the "spring of peace" process day by day


Following are the main developments since the start of the Turkish military operation "Spring of Peace" against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria:

Monday, October 7

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that US forces began withdrawing from areas in northeastern Syria, after a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump.
  • The White House said that Turkish forces would soon proceed with their long-planned military operation to create what it calls a "safe zone" and that US forces after the defeat of ISIS would no longer be in the region.
  • Washington has announced that Turkey will be responsible for all ISIS fighters in the region arrested over the past two years.
  • The SDF said it had received a back stab from the United States.

Tuesday, October 8

  • Ankara has announced that it has completed preparations to start a military operation in northeastern Syria to establish a safe area.
  • The Turkish parliament approved the extension of the government's mandate to carry out military operations outside the borders in Syria and Iraq.
  • Announcement that US forces in northeast Syria have received a sudden warning to withdraw from their positions.
  • Britain has warned Turkey against unilateral military action in Syria.

Wednesday, October 9

  • The Turkish president's office announced that his troops will cross the Syrian border with opposition fighters, and Turkey has sent more armored vehicles to the border with Syria.
  • The Turkish president announced the start of a new military operation against the Kurds in northern Syria, aimed at establishing a "safe area."
  • The Kurdish self-administration on Wednesday declared a "public alarm" over three days in its areas of control.
  • The Pentagon has confirmed that it has moved its troops from northeastern Syria for safety.
  • Ankara has announced that Turkish military personnel, supported by opposition factions, entered Syria, starting the ground phase of the offensive.
  • The US president called the Turkish operation a "bad idea."
  • The Turkish operation has drawn international condemnation, with several countries - particularly Europeans - expressing concern about the fate of civilians and many jihadists detained by Kurds who could flee.
  • Five European countries at the UN Security Council called for a closed-door council meeting on the situation in Syria on Thursday.

Thursday, October 10

  • Erdogan threatens to open the doors of Europe to millions of refugees in Turkey in response to criticism.
  • Talk of the start of the escape of ISIS fighters who were detained by Kurdish forces.
  • The Arab League has announced that it will hold an emergency meeting to discuss Turkey's "spring of peace" operation in Syria.
  • Arab countries condemn the operation.
  • Iran ends maneuvers near its border with Turkey.
  • European Security Council member states have called on Turkey to stop the operation following an emergency closed-door meeting.

Friday, October 11

  • Turkish forces have stepped up operations in the areas they have advanced.
  • The US president hints that his administration could mediate between Turkey and Kurdish militants.
  • Turkish forces launch intensive air raids and send reinforcements to the combat zones, announcing the deaths of hundreds of Kurdish fighters.
  • The Turkish president stressed that his country will not stop the military operation.
  • President Trump has authorized US officials to draft a new "very big" sanctions against Turkey.
  • European Union governments have threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey for the "spring of peace" operation.

Saturday, October 12

  • The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced that it has taken control of the Syrian city of Ras al-Ain.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Syria should be freed from any foreign military presence.
  • Iran offers mediation between Turkey, Kurds and regime.
  • The emergency Arab cabinet statement decided to consider urgent measures to respond to the Turkish move, and Turkey rejects it.

Sunday, October 13

  • Turkish army and Syrian opposition forces control the entire city of Tal Abyad.
  • The Kurdish self-administration announces that some 800 members of the families of ISIS fighters have fled.
  • The Pentagon has announced that Trump has ordered a "withdrawal of US troops" from northern Syria, citing about 1,000 troops.
  • The Kurds reached an agreement with Damascus to deploy the Syrian army near the Turkish border.
  • The United Nations announced that the Turkish operation forced 130 thousand people to flee their homes.
  • Erdogan announces his refusal to negotiate with the Kurds.

Monday, October 14

  • Damascus sends troops to the north in a bid to slow the advance of the Turkish offensive.
  • Ankara accuses Kurdish forces of deliberately releasing ISIS operatives.
  • Trump hardens his rhetoric toward Turkey, calling on it to stop its military operation.
  • The Syrian regime announces the entry of its forces into the city of Manbij.

Tuesday 15 October

  • US Treasury Department has announced that President Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on Turkey.
  • Moscow announces that Russian troops are patrolling the area in order to avoid a confrontation between Syrian and Turkish forces.
  • Russia confirms regime control of Manbij.
  • The Washington-led international coalition announced the departure of Manbij.
  • The death toll of Kurdish troops has risen to 595, the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

Wednesday, October 16

  • Trump says he has sent a delegation headed by his deputy to Ankara.
  • The international coalition said it was carrying out a thoughtful withdrawal from northeastern Syria.
  • The SDF announced that it would enter with the Syrian army in a joint security mechanism.
  • Syrian armed opposition forces announce control over 11 villages in the vicinity of Tal Abyad and Ras Al-Ain.
  • Erdogan confirms that there is no retreat from the process of "spring of peace."
  • Kurds announce "freezing" all operations against IS.
  • Regime forces enter the city of Ain al-Arab (Kobani).

Source: aljazeera

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