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Nobel Scientists: There is extraterrestrial life but human migration is a fantasy


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Swiss scientists Didier Kellos and Michel Mayor - Nobel Laureates in Physics 2019 for their contribution to understanding the mysteries of the universe and the discovery of extrasolar planets - made spectacular statements in the scientific and international press, including their predictions about the possibility of humans discovering extraterrestrial life, as well as the inability of humanity to To colonize those extrasolar planets, albeit viable.

We are not the only beings
At a press conference on 7 October at the Science Media Center in London, Swiss professor Didier Kiloz of the University of Cambridge predicted that humans will find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials in the next 30 years.

"We have opened a new window in astrophysics and confirmed the existence of other planets similar to those in our solar system. This has broadened our horizons as scientists have so far found more than 4,100 extra planets outside the solar system," Kellows said.

"I cannot believe that we are the only organism in the universe," he said, reinforcing the conviction that there were so many planets and stars with the same cosmic chemistry that gave rise to life on Earth.

This justifies the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. "The chemistry that led to the formation of life on Earth also happens elsewhere. So I have a profound belief in life outside our planet."

Kellos said he was confident that extraterrestrial life would be discovered from our planet within 100 years, but felt that the possibility of developing a new mechanism better able to understand any biochemical activity (ie the discovery of organisms) on distant planets over the next 30 years, Very realistic.

Professor Didier added that space life is not just the arrival of the green man as some people had imagined it, but began long ago before the animals crawled on Earth.

Didier incredible that we are the only organism in the universe (NASA)

Travel to exoplanets
On the other hand, Swiss professor Michele Mayor has dispelled the dreams of many scientists and interested people who hope to colonize other planets, or those aspirations to leave the Earth and migrate to exoplanets after life on Earth became impossible because of the dangers threatening them.

"When we talk about exoplanets, things have to be clear and I say it frankly: We will not migrate to them," Professor Mayor told AFP.

“The real problem is the distance, if we assume that a viable planet is only a dozen light-years away, a very optimistic assumption, it will take a very long time to go to it, I mean hundreds of millions of days using Means available to us today. "

"Climate change threatens the future of our lives on Earth, but in my view the idea of ​​migrating to other planets is crazy, so we have to take care of our planet," he said. A very beautiful planet and still livable. "

Source: aljazeera

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