The national climate target says that Sweden should be climate neutral by 2045. A climate strategy has now been developed that will make it clearer how Dalarna can contribute to achieving the goals.

Why is there a need for a climate strategy for Dalarna?

- There are different conditions in different counties, in Dalarna we have very heavy industry, and also special conditions regarding transport as well, says Maria Saxe, climate and energy strategist at the County Administrative Board Dalarna.

Six points - the goals must be met

In addition to transport, the strategy is divided into five other areas - consumption, goods and services, production, construction and housing and agriculture and forestry. The idea is to now create so-called roadmaps where it is necessary to describe what is needed within each area in order to achieve the climate goals.

- There we will look at the regional conditions in each area to see what is specific about Dalarna. Also, look more closely at what it looks like today and what we can contribute to achieving the goals, says Maria Saxe.

Fast chargers and repairs with renewable fuels - In the clip above, Maria Saxe talks about how the infrastructure must be adapted to enable the Dalarna to reach the environmental goals - "We need vehicles in Dalarna"