Salim al-Falasi was able to help his wife to give birth to her baby in the car after the labor pains raided her before they arrived at the hospital, under the guidance of a telephone from «Dubai Ambulance».

The citizen said that his wife was surprised by severe pain, at dawn, although the date of birth was set by doctors after two weeks, and with the continued symptoms of birth we decided to go to Dubai Hospital.

"On the way to the hospital, the pain increased, and it turned out she was in a state of birth, which led me to call the Dubai Police to help me. The policeman asked me to stop at the nearest parking lot and in turn called the Dubai Ambulance to contact me.

“I stopped by car in a nearby shopping mall in a minute to get a call from Dubai Ambulance in the second minute, and they gave me instructions to help my wife. "I took them to Dubai Hospital to complete the rest of the treatment."

Al-Falasi described the birth of his daughter on his hand as the most difficult situation in his life, and it took place in minutes without any chance to act, which led him to call the baby (Salama), thank God for her safety and her mother from this difficult situation.

Acting Director of Ambulance Operations, Meshaal Julfar, said that the Foundation received a notification of the citizenship status at 5.51 am, where a paramedic was assigned to communicate directly with the husband and provide the necessary instructions until the arrival of the ambulance.

"The ambulance arrived within minutes, followed by a maternity car from Dubai Ambulance," he said.