It was through international cooperation and after a certain survey that the suspicion arose that drugs were smuggled from one company in the Netherlands to another company's warehouse in Malmö. This is stated by the Customs Administration in a press release.

In the Customs Criminal Investigation, it appears that one of the men stated that he would at one time drive to Malmö and pick up cartons that would contain expensive vases and then return to Stockholm.

The boxes instead contained 80 kilos of amphetamine worth about SEK 16 million in gatuled and that was loaded into a van.

- It is particularly serious crimes that are part of an organized crime. The purpose was to conduct international trade to a large extent, says Erik Friberg, head of the Customs Crime Unit in Malmö.

The Customs Administration's total seizure of the drug is worth about SEK 33 million on the street. Today, both men are prosecuted for particularly serious drug smuggling and particularly serious drug crime, which can result in between six and ten years in prison.