The calculations of RIVM on nitrogen emissions are correct and accurate. Director Hans Brug reported this on Wednesday morning to the thousands of farmers demonstrating at the office of the scientific institute.

The farmers are angry about the government's measurements of nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands. Farmers argue that the calculations would be stricter than in the rest of Europe, so that Dutch farmers would experience more data problems than other European farmers.

But this is by no means the case, stressed Brug on stage for the farmers. "We use the data as carefully and robustly as possible," said the director. “The nitrogen calculations that we do are also of high quality, according to international standards. Experts from abroad also say that about us. ”

The RIVM measurements are checked annually by foreign experts, precisely to guarantee that quality.

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Farmers take action all day in various places

The farmers took action on Wednesday in Bilthoven and in The Hague because of the nitrogen problems. The calculations show that the farmers are partly responsible for this nitrogen emission. But they think they should contribute too much to solving the problems. For example, they wonder why aviation is barely taxed or has to contract.

The House of Representatives discusses the subject Wednesday and Thursday. Farmers protests got out of hand in Groningen on Monday. A tractor pushed down gates that almost hit cyclists, the door of the county hall was destroyed and a farmer hit a police horse. These people have all been arrested.


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