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The Naive New Beaters dosed electro, rap and pop in their shaker, pure hedonists "like in this surf movie where guys go around the world to seek the sun and the waves".

The guitarist Martin Luther BB King - the name of the colorful scene required - who quotes "The Endless Summer", this documentary legendary 1960s to discuss with AFP "Fun Hours", 4th album coming out Friday.

When it is suggested that it is his most bubble gum album, with its catchy and sweet melodies, the trio - which becomes quintet on stage - takes the opposite direction. "Bubble gum means we throw it fast, not too kiffant ...", cuts Eurobelix, doctor loops and beats maliciously. "Yes, bubble gum, we chew it up (laughs)," bounces David Boring - David Bowie mix and "boring" in English.

"This may be our most pop record," agrees Eurobelix more seriously. "It is the most affordable, but not only, it is the one on which we took the lead over the arrangements, it is the one who can listen longer".

David Boring and his delicious French accent made in LA takes a guitarist's formula to portray a production "rhythmically elastic, more groove, soul, funk".

As on "Heal Tomorrow", hit of the previous album with Izia, the NNBS open their doors to guests with JeanJass on "Make Way", including the parody clip "Duel" Steven Spielberg, and Ana Zimmer on "I see Fire ", with a video that extends the visual of the pocket where the group rolls in convertible-jacuzzi.

- Hip-hop "chelou" -

"Our hip-hop is always a little + chelou +, we were looking for a rapper who could stick - we're not going to do it with a guy who says he sells shit all day, it's not our universe - we did not know JeanJass, he was asked, he liked, "says Eurobelix.

For Ana Zimmer, the collaboration comes from a "solidarity with the non-public", reveals David Boring. "We did a festival in Fontainebleau, which was to host 10,000 people, but there were 600 people overall, or 150. We are part of the groups, with Ana Zimmer, who played in front of people (laughs). it".

NNBS is not just a schoolboy gang. Longevity - their first album dates back to 2009 - means work. "We are still - and if we find it will always be - in the scheme of releasing a record every three years, Eurobelix analysis, so even if we have a fanbase, we have to restart it, we have to go back to the coal every times".

- "In pinball mode" -

Martin LBBK confirms: "we have a career in pinball mode, when you do a good game, there is a + shoot again +, but everything can stop".

"It's funny, when we started, I said to myself + there is something, you have to push it hard + Afterwards, when we left our jobs, I said to myself + we will see, we have a year before us + ", develops Eurobelix.

Those who saw them in 2008 in the first part of The Kills, unstoppable and glamorous duo rock, are not ready to forget. The three boys arrive on stage with improbable sweaters and birthday candles glittering on their shoulders. But their "pop rappée", a long time their formula to introduce themselves, is a hit.

What memories do they keep from these beginnings? "Madness, a dozen dates in France with them, we did not have many instruments, we were easily transportable," breathes Martin LBBK. "Too cool, this is the first big band we met, a group we really listened to, they are both charismatic, super cool with us, while we did not really make the same music," he said. recalls Eurobelix.

David Boring remembers that Jamie Hince, the guitarist, launches them "+ I forgot that the music could be fun +". It's always like that.

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