• Online child pornography, 55 arrests in 2017
  • Child pornography, videos with children: 5 arrests and thirty complaints
  • Online child pornography, 12 arrests throughout Italy
  • Rome, operation against child pornography on the web: first seizure of cryptomoneta
  • Child pornography, 17 arrests and 92 complaints throughout Italy


October 16, 2019They exchanged red light videos, child pornography images, writings extolling Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Isis, and placed shock sentences against migrants and Jews. For months on WhatsApp it was a group of Italian kids who had created a horror chat called "The shoah party", which from Rivoli, just outside Turin (managed by two 15 year olds), would have spread photos throughout Italy of "an unprecedented violence", "scenes of unspeakable brutality", according to investigators.

Thanks to the denunciation of a mother, who went to the Carabinieri in Siena last January to denounce that she had found 13-year-old child porn videos in her son's smartphone, a survey was taken that now involves 25 boys, 16 minors, between 13 and 17 years, and 9 adults between 18 and 19 years.

At dawn yesterday the searches were carried out coordinated by the Carabinieri of Siena, who conducted the delicate investigation, in Tuscany, Val d'Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Campania, Puglia and Calabria in the homes of the suspects , residing in 13 provinces.

The prosecutor's office for minors in Florence has investigated all for detention and disclosure of child pornography material, instigating the apology of a crime with the aim of inciting violence and discrimination on racial grounds. The oldest of the group has just turned 19, the youngest has 15. Being part of the horror chat there were also 6 boys, little more than children, all under the age of 14, almost all 13 year olds, and for this considered by the law not attributable.

"If it hadn't been for that mother's complaint in January the investigation would not have gone either to Siena or elsewhere - explain the carabinieri - Because a WhatsApp group knows no borders and that degrading expression of malpractice has affected many regions of Italy. Many children have been able to observe images of child pornography, of enormous violence, of the apology of Nazism and of radical Islamism that were contained in them ".

It is in those abysses of degradation that the carabinieri have had to work, through electronic interceptions requested and obtained by the prosecutor's office of Florence, under the coordination of the prosecutor Antonio Sangermano and by the district prosecutor's office of Florence, responsible for the matter, thanks to the decrees issued by the prosecutor Sandro Cutrignelli.

Many children aged 13 to 17 remained more or less consciously involved in this sad story of child pornography; others, after entering that space of horror hosted by the well-known social network, immediately left it. "But none of them turns out to have reported the matter," the carabinieri specify.

Authorized by public prosecutors, the military was tricked into the social group, managing to convince the administrators of their reliability with a hacker trick. After more than five months of investigations, the group's administrators, those who created it and fed it, went back to being minors and adults, all residing in the Rivoli area: the images and videos posted were individually attributed to the responsibility of some of them and in the end, a documented crime report emerged that ended up on the magistrates' table.

At this point the magistrates deemed it necessary to immediately stop the "criminal activity" of the children. The carabinieri had rebuilt everything, but more elements could emerge only from the searches.

Thus 25 search warrants were issued against the suspects, which allowed the progressive distribution of the group participants to be blocked. A group of minors who normally did not know each other but who shared the unmentionable secret of taste in a more or less conscious way in observing those images of horrible violence: a newborn of not even a year tortured by an adult, or a girl from the apparent age of 11 while having sex with two little boys, perhaps slightly older than her. During the searches, dozens of mobile phones and computers were seized, which will be entrusted to a technical consultant who will make forensic copies, reliable reproductions of the often indescribable contents of the chats, necessary for the promotion of the charges during the trial.