"Do not just watch the joint exercise between the United States and Korea"

North Korea's state-owned media said that the US and Korean Marines are planning a joint exercise in the fall, “obviously it is an exercise to invade our country. We are not just watching.” As a result, the United States and South Korea were restrained by suggesting military countermeasures.

North Korea's state-run Korea Central News Agency reported on the 16th that the US Marine Corps commander would continue to conduct joint Marine Corps exercises with the Korean army on the 3rd of this month. It is said that.

The commentary is about the joint exercise: “The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Forces of the US Marine Corps stationed in Japan and the South Marine Corps conduct a landing operation and improve their ability to attack and occupy important bases in Japan. It is an exercise to invade Japan. ”

“To clarify the plan of the exercise when the US-North Korea dialogue is stuck like it is now a serious provocation that pushes the situation to confrontation. Discuss the dialogue as the exercise of invasion is planned. "We're not just watching," he said, "I'm just watching over the United States and South Korea, suggesting military countermeasures."