Vakin announced at 17 that a water leak had occurred in central Umeå.

- It was a private person who discovered that it was bubbling up from a well.

As the leak is on Västra Esplanaden where a lot of traffic passes, the excavation work has been postponed until 18:30. The goal is for the work to be completed by Wednesday morning.

- You will dig throughout the night. The road will be closed off, I do not know exactly how but the traffic will be affected.

Can be more households without water

About 40 households are without water, but according to Johan Sjödin there may be more.

- If you find the leak and find that you do not get off the water, another valve may need to be shut off. In this case, several households are affected.

Johan Sjödin urges those without water not to have the tap in case the water is released in the middle of the night.

- Then you wake up with a whole new problem.