US House of Representatives passed bill to respect human rights and support democracy in Hong Kong Oct 16 at 8:50

In an effort to support Hong Kong youth who continue to protest, the US Congress passed a bill to help respect human rights and establish democracy in Hong Kong. Although the Chinese government strongly opposes the passage of the bill, it is expected to be passed by the US Senate Senate soon.

The US Congress held a plenary meeting on the 15th, and a bill was passed unanimously to support respect for human rights and the establishment of democracy in Hong Kong.

The bill verifies that the two governments that have allowed Hong Kong to have a high degree of autonomy have not been compromised by the Chinese government and allows sanctions to be imposed on Chinese officials involved in the suppression of Hong Kong.

In the House of Representatives, President Pelosi spoke before the vote, criticizing that the Chinese government did not keep the promises of Hong Kong ’s two-country system. “I have sent a message to the world that democracy and justice cannot be lost.”

He then appealed, “We will not sell souls for money at the expense of important values. We expect the voice of our support for Hong Kong to arrive.”

The Chinese government strongly opposes this bill, but the US Congress is supported by a bipartisan party and is expected to be passed by the Senate soon.

However, President Trump has not made clear whether to sign the bill, and attention is being paid to President Trump's judgment that he believes that trade negotiations with China are more important than Hong Kong issues.

On the other hand, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that prohibits Hong Kong police from exporting equipment to crack down on protests.